Its fake week, but evictions are on

fakeAfter the eviction show yesterday, Biggie shared with show host Lungile Radu during his diary session that everything that happens this week is fake but housemates will not be aware of it.

However, Biggie still went on to subject the poor unsuspecting souls to a round of nominations were personal woes were ousted as the nominations turned personal. After the fake nominations, Soxx, Tembi, K2 and Blue came out tops and if these were to be real, these two pairs/four housemates would be up this week.

The housemates will work together this week to run the house as there's no captains this week at least until Friday when housemates will take part in the HoH challenge that will see the winning pair the only one safe from Sunday's possible evictions.

For now let's enjoy the fake week!

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  1. Thank u Buggy for fake nominations,the entire house mates nominated Sotexx,m very worried about them team Sotexx