K2 & Blue in Love?

charmIt seems it's more safe now to say that K2 and Blue are a 'match made in Heaven' going by the way good things have been falling in their paths.

They may have come into the house as perfect strangers but as it is now, the two are clearly feeling for each other and everyday brings them closer.

Interestingly, initially, Blue tried fending off all feelings she'd for K2 and also the latter's confessions over how he felt about her didn't help matters as the former had stuck to her guns and seemed like she wouldn't let in K2 but finally, she's has thrown in the towel and it can only get better. The good things and challenges they've won as a pair have also in a way brought them together.

It had not been an easy week for K2 but at least, this bond developing between them is a consolation of sorts.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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  1. I'm so inlove wi K2 and Blue however I wonder if K2 really love Thembi? so disappointed in K2