K2 & Blue up their 'game'

kissWhen one is in love, they are capable of doing lots of things including always looking out for them. Things got heated when Blue asked K2 if he would be jealous if she kissed someone else in the house and K2's response was "i don't know" or "maybe not".  She wispered in his ears that they need to finish what they started and that was to take things to the next level.  The girl seemed in control of the situation telling K2 that she demands respect and need to compromise and fix whatever issues they have.  K2 grabbed her robe, pulled her closer and shared a passionate kiss behind closed doors.

When they were done, Mr macho man told the Duchess that because he was organised and a nice guy, it was becoming hard for him to say no to people and maybe that was becoming his weakness.

How far do you think their 'romance' will go?

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  1. the house now its full of romance, hope it will be for real like Mandla and Lexi