K2 & Tembi's flirt game

flirtIt seems K2's list of girls is still growing going by the way the resident Sheriff is jumping from one girl to another. After sharing intimate moments with Blue and later with Chelsea, K2 is not over yet as he seems to have moved on to Tembi if their pillow talk yesterday is anything to go by.

The friends found their way to one another’s side and enjoyed an intimate conversation on everything that they reckoned was going on in the house. There was certainly some kind of chemistry in the air as they dissected various pairs and characters in the house, while a crafty Tembi steered clear from the topic of her relationship with Soxx.

K2, on the other hand, let it all hang out. From his relationship with Blue at night to his dalliance with Chelsea during the day. He was sure that Blue was getting attached to him but he didn’t quite like pretty, adorned girls like her, his type was more a lot more unfussy about her appearance and down to earth.

The two new besties also gossiped about wanting to witness the likes of Mbali and Sibu crack but Tembi seemed convinced that Mbali was calm and collected unlike Sibu.

She thought Ntombi was a cunning observer but only in a one dimensional way. She also pointed out Chelsea to be quite immature and they both agreed Kay was pulling the game down for Pumba.

How far do you think K2-Tembi will go?

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