K2 & Tembi, who's the player?

confuWe could "officially" say that K2-Blue and Soxx-Tembi are two beautiful couples but what perturbs one's mind is the fact that K2 and Tembi won't stop hitting on each other even when the whole of Mzansi knows that they both have partners; Blue and Soxx respectively.

From the start, K2 had something for Tembi though things didn't work out quite fast, then along the way came Blue who seems to have filled that void in his life. Soxx also appeared (After Bexx's departure) and 'naturally' bonded with Tembi, like they say, the rest if history.

In as much as they seem to be connected and concentrated on what they already have, K2 and Tembi never fail to steal moments away from Blue and Soxx and they get it off like teenagers falling in love for the first time.

Both have also not shied away from expressing their confusion over their feelings for each other and this has clearly gotten to the heads of Blue and Soxx as would be expected.

We could actually think that K2 and Tembi are kind of playing Blue and Soxx, but we shall give it time, love will always find a way just like running water.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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