K2 unmasked

snitchThere seems to be a cloud brewing over the house thanks to the tensions evident among the different individual housemates and pairs.

Latest pair Soxx and Tembi are still getting acquainted with each other as a pair and still have a lot to catch up with. But thankfully, they will not need ages to do so after all they've in the recent past been close and seem to be have had a genuine attraction for each other.

The latest "Wild" task has also got housemates talking and out of their comfort zones as Biggie has placed various obstacles at various points in the house like at toilet/bathroom/bedroom door-ways. Housemates have to use their wild skills to manoeuvre through the obstacles.

Meanwhile, lover-boy K2 is back to his snitching ways after he opened up to Tembi telling her how he was uncertain about the relationship she was having with Soxx. Tembi looked surprised at K2 especially because he seemed to have changed a lot in recent days.

Tembi and Soxx later discussed K2's game and concluded that he wasn't trust-worthy and was playing a dangerous game.

Do you think K2 is being loyal with himself and other housemates?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com
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