Kay comes clean, she feels Pumba!

feelIt seems we now have a love triangle in the house if Kay and Blue conversation earlier on is anything to go by.

The two ladies got away from the bunch and Kay used the opportunity to open up to Blue spilling the secret that she felt strongly towards her partner and fellow Sheriff Pumba and she was perturbed by the fact that he wasn't paying any attention to her as a woman. Kay also said that she felt Pumba may not be interested in him just in case she decides to fill him in.

Blue listened attentively and also let off a bomb, telling Kay that she (Blue) strongly believed that Pumba was romantically attracted to her (Blue) because of the way he looked and talked to her. She further revealed that she's on many occasions caught Pumba eyeing her in rather a very peculiar manner as if he wanted to say something.

Meanwhile, Pumba is already 'engaged' to Tiffini with whom they had 'their own time' recently and we wonder how the poor guy will handle all the feelings these ladies have for him, should they decide to come clean.

Which lady do you think Pumba will finally settle down with?

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