Kay orders share of unlabeled liqor

shopOne is most probably safe to allege that housemates apart from Mbali and Chelsea would never in their lifetimes want to remember what they went through this week as far as the liquid diet is concerned save for it happening ever again. However, all that seems to been put behind as they all gathered in the living room for yet another happy shopping spree courtesy of that 100% Wager they bagged on Thursday evening.

Housemates were at the luxury of shopping for all including ice cream, cigarettes, alcohol, food items, name it.

Meanwhile, housemates were advised or should we say ordered by Sheriff Kay that they'll be sharing all the unlabeled alcohol irrespective of who ordered for it and this seems not to have gone down well with some of the residents.

With next week on the cards and next nominations knocking, does this put the outgoing captain in danger?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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