Khali & her relationships

lifeSome people may call her a loud mouth and all but one thing for sure, Khali is one the most open and care free girls in that house. She also seems to have won over some of the housemates' affection and attention courtesy of her story telling and adventurous attitude.

While with some girls last night, she shared the way she linked up with partner Bongi, something that happened shortly before the reality show kicked off.

She revealed that before she met Bongi, she'd been involved with a girl (oh yes with a girl) but when Bongi came into the picture, she decided to shelve the relationship with the girl and move on with Bongi.

Like the motor mouth that she's, she also said that she'd been a mistress for sometime unknowingly but when she got hold of it, she immediately threw in the towel.

The girls will always love a little gossip so they paid as much attention as they could though we couldn't fail noticing a dosing Ntombi.

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