Mathematics is the challenge but Housemates hate it

mtcIt's not far from being branded a norm that Mathematics is one of the most dreaded subjects in school but that didn't deter Biggie from getting the students in his school involved in a Mathematics challenge and they'll need to graduate from it.

As head boy, K2 read out the brief to the schoolmates who lost interest at the mere mention of "Mathematics".

This is how the challenge goes:

  • Housemates will need to answer a simple question which will help them unlock boxes set up in the garden. The correct answer will allow them to open all 18 boxes, housemates will find a letter or a number.

  • Once all the boxes have been opened, housemates will need to assemble the letters and numbers found in the boxes and answer the three questions about the first week in the house.

  • These letters and numbers will need to be pieced together and placed on the grass in the centre of the garden in three rows facing the garden wall opposite the Jacuzzi.

Question 1: What is the colour of the telephone in the house?

Question 2: Who was the first Head of House pair?

Question 3: How many Matchstick puzzles were there?

Question 4: What was the first challenge that all housemates participated in?

Hint: The answer to Question 1 may require further decoding as it may be a clue. The housemates will have only 30 minutes to complete this task and the successful will be rewarded.

After the lengthy read, there were more questions than answers as the task seemed complicated for the schoolmates. "Who's the best at Maths in this room,"Matthias wanted to know and someone screamed, "Tembi!". Could Tembi really be the Math wiz?

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