Matthias getting irked?

At this point in time, it seems the game has already gotten the better of some housemates now students especially Matthias going by the way he's been behaving lately. If he's not woken up in a bad mood then everyone's presence seems to irk him to the point of deciding to isolate himself from the whole bunch.

Matthias was one caustic guy and his fellow peers were often getting on his nerves. But they were also noticing that the game was getting to him.

Sibu was perhaps stronger with handling the pressure but he too admitted that it was a knock to the ego. The two seemed to be cosying up to head girl and boy and were all buddy-buddy with K2 and Blue. This was a change in events because everyone knew that Matthias and Sibu did not like K2.

In his diary session Matthias described just how he couldn’t stand most of the housemates but that alongside Sibu, he felt a kinship to Ace and Ntombi because they wore their hearts on their sleeves, or so it seemed.

Poor Matthias is up this week and this could be one of the sole reasons his attitude towards everything is fast changing.
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