Mbali can be talkative at times

storyyWe grown to know, like and love Mbali for the care she accords other housemates, command and leadership as a captain, outspoken and bright girl but it seems the beautiful resident has more attributes that we probably were yet to find out.

She used the opportunity of seeing everyone gathered around and 'stole' their attention going adventurous with one of her personal stories from back home, it was about an ex-boyfriend who later became possessive and thus she had to run away from the relationship.

Mbali said that she'd been in the relationship for five years and it all went messy in no time and thus opted out. Her ex however took her hostage and she'd to just come up with something to rescue herself.

She revealed that she later managed to run away after 'stepping on his toes'. At some point it seemed like a movie of sorts and actually had Ace interrogating her about that particular affair gone wrong after he was visibly not convinced with her story.

That's Mbali for you!

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