Mbali carries Chelsea's weight as HoH

sheriffMbali and Chelsea are one of those pairs that can't go unmentioned and unnoticed in the house for reasons we all very well know. The liquid diet in particular brought them 'fame' and 'unwanted' attention from all corners of the house.

Their latest HoH triumph seems to have added flavour to their game but that particular feat comes with it lots of duties and responsibilities and with three days now as Sheriffs, one can't fail to notice that of the two, Mbali is more of an active captain than Chelsea, not that we trying to look down on her or not appreciate her contributions as captain but there will always be that one thing or person that stands out from the rest.

Today, she (Mbali) was an early bird as always and quickly woke up other housemates before heading down to let out a little sweat.

She also had sometime to talk with Ntombi and Tembi as regards their relationships. She played the counselor of sorts advising the ladies on how to conduct themselves and be themselves minding less about what others say behind their backs.

All the while, Chelsea prefers taking the back seat as Mbali takes the lead but it's all good after all the work that needs to be done is done in time.

Who of the two is a better captain?

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