Mbali-Chelsea deny HMs another tasty breakfast!

FOODIt's the third and second last day of the infamous Liquid Diet and as expected, poor housemates didn't have all it takes to wake up to yet another brand new day in Biggie's space. Getting up from slumber seemed like a mission let alone taking part in the routine exercises.

The likes of Gino and Blue decided to sleep in rather than expend the little energy they had left. Ace simply couldn’t hide his struggle as he sat alone with a vacant stare, perhaps contemplating what he’s do to sink his teeth into something solid. In a bid to distract his rumbling tummy he occupied himself with the soccer ball in the garden.

After the exercise session, Biggie unleashed yet another tasty breakfast menu in the garden but Mbali and Chelsea were body-guards and rushed to safe-guard the mobile kitchen, Mbali didn't even allow a single housemate to get to closer to the kitchen.

The housemates surely accepted defeat as they finally retreated to the kitchen to make some protein shakes.

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