Mbali & Chelsea to pocket another R30.000

r30Winners will always be treated as such and so Biggie was not yet done with rewarding Friday Night Games' winners Mbali and Chelsea as he summoned them to the Diary room last night for yet another reward to add to that Spa treat they'd on Saturday.

He informed them that they'd just won themselves R300.000 but they will have to negotiate a twist in order for them to be able to bank it and add to the R10.000 each one of them won earlier on in the show.

Here's how Biggie broke it down for them...

  • For you to keep your R30 000, you have to check on it before every hour.

  • When you leave the dairy room, you will find a see through cube in the garden that contains a miniature version of your R30 000 cheque.

  • On the outside of the cube you will find a timer.

  • You will notice there’s an axe inside the cube, above your miniature cheque.

  • The axe will drop and destroy your cheque should housemates fail to reset the timer before the alarm sounds.

  • This alarm sounds after sixty minutes after turning the timer to its maximum.

  • Housemates will have R5000 deducted from their R30 000 at every chop.

  • So housemates, to be clear, the only way to stop the axe from slicing your cheque is to rewind the timer before it completes its 1 hour cycle.

  • Should housemates lose the R5000 and are left with R25 000, Big Brother will reset the axe and housemates are to continue their guard.

The pair were also warned that they would lose their whole R30.000 and the chance would fall on any other randomly selected pair.

Do you think Mbali and Chelsea will win this one, remember it's on for 48 hours?

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