Mbali & Chelsea try to iron out differences

sorttThe house seems to have lost it's 'peace' ever since the Liquid diet was introduced and Mbali & Chelsea find themselves in the bullets way with almost the whole gang against them and now labeling them as selfish beings.

Well yesterday, the two ladies tried ironing out their differences with the other housemates and they started with letting in on the housemates about being called selfish yet they very well know that they are not. An emotional Mbali explained that even though the R10 000 seems small to some housemates, it 's big to her and could go along way in settling her bills for sometime and now also basing on the fact that she's up makes thing hard for her to give in to their demands.

Housemates listened attentively though some of them had their own views. Bongi reasoned that the liquid diet had brought about health problems in the house like diarrhea which ha become rampant.

Others like Ace and Kay also conquered with Bongi and said that there was no reason to starve housemates because it was very unfair.

How do you foresee this 'battle' ending?

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  1. Mbali and Chelsea got given a Golden Ticket to the Finale had they initially opted to spend the money on the other housemates as this would have won them compassion from viewers hence gaining more viewer's votes.