Mbali declares that she's single!

loveeWhere there's more than one girl, you can rest be assured that something near to gossip will crop up and this wasn't an exception with Mbali who opened up to Tembi about how she felt inside.

The beautiful lass shared that she felt jealous of her (Tembi's) relationship with Soxx but not in a bad way though. She said that she missed physical attention and attraction in the house. She declared that she missed being touched by someone and thus the loneliness seemed to be getting the better of her.

Mbali further told Tembi that a month (time spent inside the house) was the longest time this year she'd gone without feeling affection from someone but stressed that she wasn't going to allow it affect her stay in the house nor jeopardise her happiness.

Tembi also told her that love is very funny and can be found in the most hopeless of places. She (Tembi) didn't expect to get attached to anyone but things happened the way they did.

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