Mbali doing it for the money

r300Today marks the end of the 48 hours ultimatum for Mbali and Chelsea who are on the verge of bagging another R30.000 from Biggie should they be able to hang in there and not allow the alarm to go off.

So today, Mbali woke up all determined to see to it that time flies pretty fast and spent much of the morning cleaning up, she decided to forego the routine morning session.

Meanwhile, as she went on with her cleaning spree, her partner Chelsea was lost in slumber, the young beauty was probably over-powered by the power of sleep and thus decided that enough was enough but thank Heavens, Mbali was there to stand in for her.

Do you think the lady pair will get this whopping sum?

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  1. Mbali is so committed, whilst Chelsea could not care. Biggie give the R 30 000 to Mbali alone. Mbali also happens to carry the female duo from day 1 until now and she is also a very witty person.

  2. They will definitely get it, but Mbali deserves it more