Mbali is no soft drink!

standIf you ever thought that Mbali would be a softie, then better read on to find out how she's handling the situation.

Apparently, some housemates have started picking on her, for starters, someone is stealing her wine with the aim of getting her nerves and so she stood her ground this morning this the morning exercises and warned that she's won't allow anyone to toy around with her in the house.

She also faced off with Matthias whom she suspected of talking on her behind her back alleging that she's onto him and all reprimanding him to game up.

Mbali however, is no stupid as she's already sensed that people are just playing with her and want her to trip something she's not ready to give in into.

She was also learning that some housemates were not pulling their weight and finishing off their cleaning. Kay was notorious for being a slacker and she’d done a half-hearted attempt at washing the dishes. Mbali promptly confronted her about it.

While many may have thought it, because she was so helpful in the house, Mbali was no pushover. She continued to handle everyone and everything fairly and with aplomb.

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