MbalSea scared

ticketThey say ALMOST doesn't count and indeed it doesn't after Mbali and Chelsea narrowly missed out on making it to the Finale of BBMzansi after they failed to trace the ticket hidden under a lid.

After winning the third round of Friday Night Games, the ladies thought it was all over but Biggie as usual had something up his sleeve and thus instructed the ladies to find their Finale ticket hidden under one of the lids. Mbali put all her confidence in Chelsea and gave her the powers to find the right lid with the ticket only for her to open an empty one. Chelsea got emotional and made things worse by accusing Mbali of letting her choose a specific lid.

Being the leader that she's, Mbali comforted her and advised her to forget it and focus on enjoying themselves and think about Monday since the next nominations are around the corner. Mbali also feared for the worst and said that housemates may put them up thus they had a lot of homework to do.

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