Moving on after Ex

move onThe saying goes "Time waits for no man" and it seems Tiffini and Bexx understand it fully. Known as Ex's girls just a few days ago, the two ladies seem to have found refuge in other men's arms.

Ex exited the game on Sunday after he and his partner Lebo chose R100,000 over continuing with the game.

Bexx spent most of her day very close to her 'first love' Adams and the two were nestled on the couch throughout the evening.

Her 'sister-in-Ex', Tiffini looked really happy with Pumba. Could this have anything to do with the fact that Ex had shown interest in pairing with Pumba during Transfer Window on Friday?

Perhaps the fine lass feels closer to Ex when she's with Pumba. As Biggie would say; "Mhmmmm".

As for Bexx, she and Adams have had an on and off relationship, occasionally stealing kisses but it seems as though they have sealed their deal. Interestingly, Tiffini had a steamy chat about love with Chelsea in the evening. She told the Durbanite that she would never fall in love with anyone in the house.

This is the same girl who has been closer to the most boys in the one week. It's been Adams, K2, Ex and now Pumba.

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