Mud painters

mudWith the latest challenge, housemates are expected to come up with mud paintings. Biggie provided them all with boards, mud and everything that they needed to come up with their art pieces.

They were required to depict scenes that had happened in the house in the last 25 days they've spent in the house. An hour was the time allowed to finish this particular task.

As Bongi and Khali were working on their piece, Chelsea, Tembi and Mbali were busy admiring it instead of concentrating on finishing what was on their plates. Bongi and Khali explained to them that they wanted to come up something that shows why they came into the house.

Some of the art piece housemates came up with were quite interesting; Pumba and Kay's only depicted their love for wanting to sit in the garden and gaze at the beautiful sun.

Ace's strike encounter was also depicted in Soxx's mud piece, hopefully, the former won't take this personal.

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