No one loves being nominated

sleepinIt takes the strongest of souls to bear with the fact that your up and on the verge of existing the Big Brother house something that spells danger in your quest to bag the ultimate grand prize.

After the nominations last night, it was clear that those who suffered the wrath were hit the hardest going by the way they conducted themselves and their inconsistent behavior today.

Mbali and Chelsea who are best known for their enthusiasm, confidence, never-give-up attitude and command spent a bigger part of the morning sleeping, poor girls, nomination stress must be taking it's toll on them.

As for Kay, she seems to have disappeared from the face of the earth while Pumba also seems to have finally come out of his shell completely after he engaged other fellows in a convo were he revealed about his casting director role.

Ace & Ntombi and K2 & Blue are also not having the best of times at the moment as it seems to be hard shaking off the nomination thoughts.

The four pairs came out tops during the nominations but the official list will be availed later tonight pending the HoH who will have the power to save and replace of the pairs.

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