Pumba on a cleaning spree

cleanWe shall not say that Pumba woke up on the right side of bed or with loads of energies because being in a clean environment seems to be part of him as he got to a cleaning spree of sorts working on the windows like his life depended on it.

The former Head of House was unfazed by the fact that other housemates had for sometime now ignored cleaning the windows thus he got his cleaning tools and cleaned the windows until they shone as bright as Diamonds.

Not only did he do the windows but also scrubbed the shower room floor and everyone looked impressed with his efforts.

Housemates had recently argued that the ladies should always do the cleaning around the house because they had high expectations of how clean a house should be. Kay, Ntombi and Blue have also been busy with scrubbing and watering the garden, probably after being inspired by Pumba.

Who's the laziest housemate?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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