Pumba-Tiffini's bed antics

s3xSo should we blame the uncertain and inconsistent weather down the south or attribute the bonds that are becoming stronger in the house among housemates for Pumba and Tiffini's bedroom antics that seem to have gone viral not only in the house but also on social media and among fans. Whichever way it, it surely must have been a 'valid' whatsoever!

Tiffini often snuck off to hibernate under the covers and today was no different. Pumba, who we reckoned was enamoured with her and made it a habit to hang around her, joined her for a cosy cuddle because tonight was particularly windy. Also, they seemed to melt into one another’s company.

The two who started off with a  cosy and warm pillow talk ended up talking in hashed tones until they disappeared under the covers and the sounds that started emerging from there left a lot to be desired.

Meanwhile, Khali took all the stresses of her day to bed as she dumped her earlier confrontation with Mbali on poor, sleepy-head Bongi. She went into all the details as Bongi peaked his head out from underneath the covers, for air.

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  1. Mbali and Chelsea will most likely be evicted on Sunday night, and fittingly so, hold onto your money girls, as you will need it. There is no starvation in the house and I good lesson for housemates, as many a times we take things for granted.

  2. The pretty girls will definitely not leave.

  3. Chelsea and Mbali shud rily bounce, cuz they seem to hv forgotn y they in the first place they are in the show. 2M nt 10 k.