Save & Replace: The hardest decision

woriIn as much as the much sought after HoH crown comes with it lots of privileges especially being safe from possible eviction that particular week, there's one specific aspect about it that everyone dreads to go through and that's the 'Save and Replace' session, last night was no exception.

With the housemates gathered in the lounge, Big Brother announced that the nominees for the week were Adams and Tembi, Gino and Tiffini as well as Chelsea and Mbali. However as Sheriff, Kay and Pumba had to save a nominated pair and replace it with another. Although they seemed to already know who they’d be saving and replacing, Kay struggled to get the words out. Eventually, after some encouragement from Pumba, Kay revealed that they’d be saving Adams and Tembi then replacing them with Soxx and Bexx.

This means that; officially, the nominated pairs for this week are; Soxx & Bexx, Gino & Tiffini and Mbali & Chelsea.

Who are you voting for?

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