Secret agents stir up the house

cigarAce, Mbali and K2 are the secret agents and took this challenge in good faith exercising and using all the tricks to disorganize the whole house, steal, hide, pick-pocket and inter-change stuff.

Acting as a pick-pocket, Ace went on to sneak into the ladies bags, checking for make-up, perfumes and disappearing with them, he was also lucky enough to find a hidden cigarette in one of the ladies' bags, something he welcomed with a huge smile on his face.

The Secret agents are also known as the Public Undercover Team and were also tasked to steal Tembi's gown, steal and hide the whole cutlery, and exchange sugar for salt.

The three managed to do all that in unity and they could be seen passing over stuff from one end to another and some of which was hidden in the store room.

Tembi seemed to have smelled a rat as she made a sandwich in the kitchen but she never paid much attention. As Kay and Blue prepared supper, they noticed something unusual but failed to fill the puzzle then Kay and Pumba came to a conclusion that K2 and Ace had something to do with what was happening in the house.

How are you finding the Secret agents?

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