Sheriff Kay is no joke!

KAYHOHHoH pair Kay and Pumba seem to be on course of grabbing the most efficient Heads of House this by far going by the way they've democratized alcohol consumption in the house quelled f,lames of the liquid diet and instructed the angry housemates to tidy up the ranch.

Despite the fact that they were running around on empty stomachs, that didn't deter Kay to gather all of them and issued instructions on how the cleaning spree would be carried out. Not only did she tell them to sweep and wipe, she also made it a point that scrubbing all corners of the house was expected of them.

Probably out of fear, respect or no energy to 'fight' back, the gang obliged and got to cleaning ways, after a while, the whole house looked as if Biggie had hired some cleaning company.

Kudos to Sheriff Kay!

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