Should Chelsea & Mbali give in?

giveIt's two days now and the housemates seem to have suffered enough as far as the Liquid Diet courtesy of Chelsea and Mbali is concerned. The poor souls have been limited to only taking juices, milk, water and everything that falls in that category, they are not in any position to take food/bites at least until Thursday when Biggie will finally lift the lid.

Chelsea and Mbali are jealously guarding the R 10.000 each at stake and this has created unrest in the house with the likes of Bongi, Ace, Blue, Kay among others imploring the two ladies to help out their fellow housemates and let them have a meal or so.

To everyone's surprise, Mbali and Chelsea have stuck to their guns and now that they've already served two days, the remaining two days shouldn't be a hustle, so we think but this is coming at the expense of other housemates' happiness.

We know something is at stake with Mbali and Chelsea on the verge of winning the money involved but is it worth it especially after causing the social problems in the house already?

Should Mbali and Chelsea throw in the towel and help release the food in the house?

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  1. The only female pair should effectively stick to their guns. Mbali and Chelsea will most likely be evicted on Sunday night, and fittingly so, hold onto your money girls, as you will need it. There is no starvation in the house and I good lesson for housemates, as many a times we take things for granted.