Sibu for the Spa

winThis afternoon the housemates were given a fun Double or Nothing task to complete, accompanied by an indulgent reward. It was just right as the winner was awarded a trip to the spa to kick their weekend off with a bang. Sibu won this task to enjoy all on his own. As usual the winner had to spin the Double or Nothing Wheel. If it landed on ‘Nothing’ the prize was forfeited, but if it landed on ‘Double’ the winner had to invite anyone else to join in the reward.

Things worked a little different this time around. Before Sibu spun the wheel Biggie announced that if settled on ‘Nothing’ – which it did - then he could go in for his spa treat but couldn’t bring anyone along. The challenges were broken down over three rounds that tested co-ordination, speed and precision.

In the first round all the housemates had to use straws to suck sweets up from one bowl into another. Once all sweets were transferred they were to run to the Big Brother mat. The first five on the mat proceeded to the next round.

The five were Tiffini, Adams, Sibu, Matthias and K2 with poor Pumba losing his place after trying his luck at sixth place. You should’ve seen the look on his face. In the second round the five were to build a tower of cards and two with the tallest tower went on to the next round. Sibu and Matthias made it through with tight competition from K2 and Adams, who lost their cool when they fell out of the game.

Finally the two heavy weights had to flex their aims and shoot at Big Brother’s tin cans with a slingshot. Sibu eventually knocked over more cans with bundu-basher Matthias knocking over not one single tin can.

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