Smell the dung

dungBy the look of things, housemates will this week have without an option turn into game rangers of sorts as Big Brother continues to unleash task after task as part of the "Wild Week".

Thew latest is that he unleashed different kinds of animal dung in the garden and housemates were instructed to smell the dung and match it with the animal names and pictures provided.

Poor housemates without a choice got down to work with Ace taking on the challenge in good stride getting on his knees and evidently having some fun with trying to identify the dung varieties.

As for the likes of Blue, the lady resident looked at the different kinds of dung with disgust and was reluctant to take part but hey, it was the order of the day and much was at stake.

At the end of the day, Biggie announced that housemates had nailed this particular task much to their excitement.

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