Soxx & Tembi finally fight!

stoleWe've in recent days reported that the love wrangles evidently going on between Soxx-Tembi and K2-Blue could sparkle some negative energies and so they finally did yesterday after Soxx couldn't hold it back no more.

It all started when Tembi and Soxx as usual stole moments away from their partners and when Soxx got to know about this he waited for the opportune time to explode.

After a while Tembi joined Soxx in the bedroom and as the two lay side by side, Soxx started off by telling her about K2's cunning ways but Tembi wouldn't buy into it thus insults started flying from one side to another with Soxx showing his frustration over his girl's 'infidelities'.

The fight only came to an end when Biggie summoned all housemates to the lounge for a dance routine.

More drama is surely yet to come from these two camps, however since K2 is up this week, it will depend on whether he stays or goes as whatever happens will see dynamics change or more drama emanating.

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  1. Soxx called thembi a two timing Lol. Thembi wants k2.