Soxx will always love Tembi

meddLove has never been a smooth path if K2's meddling in Soxx and Tembi affair is anything to go by. But irrespective of all the latest minor differences between the love-birds, Soxx still loves his lady love and thus seems ready to fight for what's 'rightfully' his.

One is probably safe to say that Soxx wouldn't be ready to share a drink with K2 for reasons we very well know, he most probably wishes he's even kicked out of the house come Sunday but he (Soxx) should also bear in mind that Tembi is not playing her part well.

Meanwhile, apart from the conflicting pairs in the house; Mbali-Chelsea, Soxx-Tembi and K2-Blue, the rest of the pairs seem to be copying well with events in the house with Pumba-Kay, Ace-Ntombi and Khali-Bongi doing all they can to forge a way forward.

As we edge closer to the molla, the game also gets more interesting with these fights and clashes but we mustn't forget that Biggie will still continue to surprise us.

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