Sparks fly as Wager is won

winHard work does pay indeed as housemates claimed their third successive Wager win last night thanks to all the efforts they put in in a rather very challenging wild themed week and Biggie was generous enough to appreciate these efforts as he awarded them with a much needed triumph.

During presentation time, housemates looked very prepared to entertain Biggie and Mzansi with their art pieces, plaques and showcasing various wild characters.

Captains; Chelsea and Mbali took up the stage first and they portrayed the elephant, it's leadership nature yet very royal lifestyle. Their presentation however kind of centered around showing others that they were better than them in the house though it all seemed to be sugar-coated.

New couple Soxx and Tembi also didn't disappoint as they had so much in store for the evening.

By the look of things, all the pairs that presented seemed to be hitting on others throughout their presentations but hopefully this is left to go down the drain.

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