Team No Sleep bags the molla!

sleepGirl power rules once again as Mbali and Chelsea bagged yet another whopping R30.000 from Biggie, money they won on Sunday, however, that win didn't come easy as they had to deprive themselves of sleep for 48 hours!

The girls were required to be on the alert and not allow the alarm to go off so they did this in unison and always guarded the clock hour in hour out.

After the 48 hours had elapsed, the alarm went off much to the shock of Mbali who probably thought they'd slacked but thank Heavens, it was only signalling an end to their task and thus a sign that the R30.000 was safely in their bank accounts.

Mbali and Chelsea rejoiced and hugged for a while. The girls now have R25.000 each having won R10.000 each earlier on in the show, it can only get better.

Congratulations to MbalSea!

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