Team No Sleep for the molla

girlsFor the next 48 hours/two days, all girl pair Chelsea-Mbali will have to go without sleep that's if they are undoubtedly interested in the R30.000 that's at stake.

The whole deal is to stop the time at every hour and not allow the alarm to go off (set at every turn of the hour), failure to do so, they'll be forfeiting a whopping R.5.000 each time the alarm is allowed to go off to another housemate.

Already Chelsea and Mbali were lucky victors as they scooped  a well deserved R10.000 each earlier on in the game though that came with it lots of challenges and 'enemies' in the house.

The girls are already hard at work and this particular task will especially be tasting their enthusiasm and resilience but we hope that they can handle this, 48 hours without sleep for a whopping R30.000 should come 'easy'. In Biggie's house, nothing surely comes easy, when someone wins something, they surely do deserve it.

All the best for Chelsea and Mbali!

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