Tembi urges girls to clean up

cig"A good leader is the one who shows their subject how it's done and not order them around." Tembi and Soxx are clearly following this phrase to the last letter after they embarked on a cleaning spree of sorts earlier on in the day as if they were possessed with 'demons'.

The two make sure that the house is clean at all times and that housemates are well fed, all in the name of co-existence, so we think!

Tembi being the woman that she's took care of the kitchen as usual while Soxx scrubbed tables and the floor after which he stole a moment to puff away a cigar.

However, after the chores, Tembi confronted the girls in the bedroom and urged them to carry their weight because it was unfair that while some people were cleaning others were dodging the chores. After the talk, everyone seemed to agree with her.

Kudos to you Soxx and Tembi!

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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