The Ball Challenge

bbmAs hungry as they they seem or look, housemates had to abide by the rules of the house set by both Biggie and HoH. After obliging to Kay's cleaning instructions, housemates were summoned to the garden where another challenge awaited them and this particular ball challenge was important as it contributed to their 100% Wager.

In order to get a little closer to winning their wager, the housemates had to each throw a ball through a hole and into a bucket below. Although simple in theory several housemates found it rather challenging to get it done. But thanks to an efficient system that included Pumba feeding the balls back to the housemates quickly, everyone managed to complete the task in the allocated time.

It seems the poor souls have gotten used to the fact that the Liquid diet courtesy of Mbali and Chelsea will go on as the ladies planned thus they've decided to follow whatever is availed to them as time flies by for the nightmare to finally end.

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