Unpleasant smell engulfs the house

SMELThere seems to be nothing good to write home about as far as the Liquid diet is concerned, at least in the case of all housemates apart from Mbali and Chelsea. Ntombi and Ace have not stopped complaining about the ongoing events in the house. The poor souls have been limited to taking proteins and cigarettes.

There was burping, throwing-up, farting and stomachs growling all over the show. No one said the road to health and fitness (or even R10,000?) would ever be easy. Housemates were suffering to be troopers. They all certainly deserved a round of applause.

Soxx has in recent days been seen everywhere in the house as he won't stop running back and forth from the loo, as for the girls like Blue, they have been suffering from morning sickness like expectant mothers, poor souls!

Ntombi found herself the hapless victim of migraines while Kay expressed that there was a whole lot of her to feed and she wasn’t coping.

How do you foresee this whole drama ending?

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