Wager in danger

bakeHousemates have won two Wagers and lost just one by far this season but it seems a third successive win may prove to be a hard one going by the slow progress the bunch are making in time for the task presentations later tonight.

Today was yet another day to tackle the Big Five baking challenge where housemates have to come up with Elephants, Rhinos, Lions, Cheetahs and Buffalos like cakes. The concept is to portray the images of the most important/'big' animals in wildlife.

K2 and Blue tried making a lion but the image wasn't close to what we know as a lion yet these two seem to have made the furthest progress of them all.

Soxx and Tembi also were working on their elephant's tasks only for the icing to fall off thus getting them back on the drawing board.

This task is proving to be a hard one and housemates will surely tap their backs should they nail this Wager.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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