Why Adams & Bexx were kicked out!

disqIt's official that both Adams and Bexx left the game yesterday though not much explanation was given by the show's producers, only sighting misconduct by Adams and for the well being of Bexx.

Well, from what we've been able to observe from inside the house in recent days, after taking a little too much, Adams disrespected Bexx and went on to s3xually abuse her using the vulnerability of being intoxicated too. Poor Bexx didn't realise she'd been abused until Adams came clean on the matter as the two were having a convo in the garden.

It's probably at this point that Biggie and his crew played back some video footage and realized that Adams had indeed been abused. To make matters worse, Adams had recently shared with another housemate that it would only be a matter of time before he sleeps with Bexx something that confirms that indeed he'd well laid out plans to abuse her something that called for a penalty.

As for Bexx, she didn't deserve the boot but for her own health and well being, she'd to be let out so as to have the matter sorted out as soon as possible.

What do think about this whole saga?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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  1. Adams he was a player but its sad for Bexx now

  2. It is sad yoh!If this is what beer do to people, i mean whereby you engage in sex n u cant even remember? yoh! now I made the right decision not to drink! I feel for both housemates, even Adam bcos he got the courage from the beer,i don't think he wud ve done it when he was sober. I think they both need support, what is done is done!

  3. I think it shows how irresponsible ppl get after drinking and surprisingly girls still love booze

  4. hello there has adam not have a girlfriend mr smooth talker he took advantage of a woman good he is kicked out let him have that hang over his thick head want to be smart sorry dude face the music

  5. why doesnt Biggy show us da footage, for all we know Bexx was also enjoying and playing along. On the same night and days before, they were seen kissing and touching. And Adams was also drunk. was Bexx lying still (sleeping) while Adams was having sex wit her, or was she moving and awake but drunk?

  6. Hay man labantu bebethandana mos they were all lovey dovey on saterday, uBexx akezwanga hay bo Biggie,