Winners will always be treated as such

temsoxToday, Epic DanceOff winners Ace and Ntombi woke up to a Spa treat as promised by Biggie and also 'randomly' took new couple in town; Soxx and Tembi along with them.

The four were whisked away from the ranch and treated like kings and queens that they are and also had the pleasure of sipping and snacking away. At some point Soxx and Tembi held hands and dosed off like they'd just fallen in love, poor things!

Ace also used the opportunity to bond with Tembi and Soxx and joked "you guys owe us one". The couple smiled and nodded in approval. This could be the beginning of an alliance of sorts between the four housemates, what do you think?

Well, after a while, the Spa treat was over and the two pairs headed back to the ranch with a few snacks and drinks to share with the rest of the bunch.

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