Another Spa date

spaCourtesy of that much needed HoH challenge they won yesterday, power couple Soxx and Tembi were today treated to yet another Spa date adding to the one they'd a few weeks ago when Ace and Ntombi were kind enough to take them along.

Biggie woke them up and they headed off like a newly wed couple and made themselves comfortable as Biggie's professionals worked up the two's bodies. Soxx made use of the moment and got himself a manicure and a pedicure, how nice! Tembi too took a facial just to add to the rub down they were getting.

Unfortunately, the pair were not able to bring Ace and Ntombi (which would have acted as a favor returned after the latter handed them their first Spa treat in the house) because Biggie didn't accord them the chance.

With a lot of 'heart-breaking' events expected to unfold in the next few days, Soxx and Tembi surely needed to be flagged off in a such a relaxed mode.

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