Evictions will always humble you

doWith the evictions only moments away, a look at our housemates especially the nominated ones spells fear and uncertainty going by the way they've been conducting themselves since morning, the new hairdos especially for the ladies also didn't work the magic as worry was written on most of their faces.

During  the hairdo session earlier on today, Blue was surely the queen of the day or has she always been? So it seems, after all the hair extensions brought by the hairstylists were reportedly hers. When Mbali made herself comfortable and started taking picks, she was advised to let it go as all was for Blue who had removed her wig during the "Say Yes" challenge, she stormed off to the bedroom like a wounded lioness.

Meanwhile, as the girls did their hair, Pumba noticed that Chelsea had a packet of cigars going all out bragging and smoking one after the other. Could this packet contain some of the lost sticks from the other resident smokers?

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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