Finale countdown begins!

pumkayIt's day 43 today which leaves us with hardly 13 days before the curtains officially come down on Big Brother Mzansi 2. The last 42 days (six weeks) have seen housemates bring on drama flavoured with cat fights, romances, showmances, break-downs, name it all in the name of vying for priceless places in the grand finale.

The latest pair to bid farewell is that of Pumba and Kay who stayed for a whopping 42 days in the house, a feat they should be proud of as not all did make it to that far. Their game may have come to an end but Mzansi will surely not forget them anytime soon but importantly, the fame they've gunned on-show will surely take them places.

Their eviction leaves us with four very competitive pairs including Ace-Ntmbi (who gunned the biggest percentage this week as regards evictions), Chelsea-Mbali, K2-Blue and Soxx-Tembi. These have only one more eviction to dodge before they land in the finale.

Meanwhile, whoever wins this week's HoH challenge will still not have the privilege of saving and replacing just like it was last week.

Who do you think has their feet in the finale?

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