HoH: Ace & K2 go H2H!

hohThe HoH challenge that would see some of the pairs land in the grand finale next week had to take off today thus Tembi was summoned to the Diary Room to pick a task brief which she read out to anxiously listening housemates. Part of the brief entailed that the winners will not have the privilege of saving and replacing a pair.

The task was all about steady hands, housemates were given three lives each to complete the hand and were not allowed to touch the metal more than three times.

Ace went first and used up all his three lives without completing the task followed closely by K2, Blue, Chelsea, Mbali all just trying and using up all their lives. Biggie gives them extra lives and Ace goes again and almost finishes the task only to be let down by time.

Housemates continue trying to finish with Soxx failing as well as Mbali. Ace uses his last chance and finally finishes the task together with K2 much to the delight of Ntombi and Blue. Therefore, the two pairs had to go head to head.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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