It's healthy for lovers to fight

fights"Work without play makes John a dull boy" is a common saying and probably "All Roses without thorns don't make a profitable garden" (as it becomes easy for them to be stolen and taken advantage of) could work in the event that it's never rosy when it comes to relationships and lovers will always fight and get back in no time.

These fights can only be taken as lessons that cement a couple's relationship as they prove that no matter what happens between them, they'll always be together to sort themselves out.

This kind of situation seems to have befallen one of own very own Mzansi couples; Ace and Ntombi who won't stop picking fights but good enough, the pace at which the fight with each other is the same pace they use to make up.

As lunch brewed, Ntombi told Ace that she didn't like his attitude towards her to which he replied that she's always turning everything into fights as he stormed off to somewhere.

A few moments later, Ntombi was all happy and having fun with Tembi like girls will always do, the highlight of the light moment though was when she sought out for Ace and rested her head on his chest. Who said they'd a fight? It's all good now.

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