K2 misses Tembi

k2In as much as each eviction gives the surviving housemates a chance to get ever closer to the money, the feelings and bonds developed and formed between them sometimes over weigh the money and the game and as soon as one walks out of the exit door, some of the housemates they were close with are left with a void to fill.

Last night, Soxx and Tembi exited the ranch something that clearly hit K2 hard as he was somewhat closer (or at least his heart was) to Tembi though their imaginary romance was shelved until further notice. On the other hand, Blue celebrated in secret because Tembi who was a threat was now gone and she could now enjoy K2's company without interruptions.

Blue confronted K2 telling him that he never liked the fact that he always hanged out with Tembi while a pissed off K2 told her off that he's was't ready for her manipulations and ordering around. Blue made matters worse when she kissed Soxx in everyone's presence to which K2 branded her "stupid".

The pair's relationship is not the best at the moment and all seems to be a showmance. With one week to go, one wonders how the Royals are going to cope with this tiff.

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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