K2, the responsible guy

spreeAfter assuming the Head of House responsibilities from nominated pair Soxx and Tembi yesterday, K2 has taken the reigns in full stride, going all out to show others how it's done and not boss around.

After taking part in the routine exercise session that was well attended this morning, the Captain embarked on a cleaning spree of the dining area and quickly moved on to a pile of utensils in the sink that seem to have been there for ages after all no one bothers to get rid of the dirt.

As for his partner Blue, she was no where to be seen and probably thought it wise to leave all the work to her very flexible and hard working co HoH. Ntombi though came around and gave K2 a hand.

It's hardly 24 hours into his new role and already K2 looks impressive, way to go K2!

Photo Credit: bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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  1. He pains some times they way he take this game serious , he really put his whole effort in all task he is given, he is the great warrior