K2 & Tembi inseparable

k2We don't know what it really is that keeps driving K2 and Tembi together, the two will always find that time alone away from the other residents and chat up storms.

They again had ample time while in the kitchen as Tembi feasted on her food while K2 cleaned up the whole place. K2 kicked it off by telling her that he was told to stay away from her to which Tembi replied that Chelsea was one of the reasons they are not together today.

K2 continued to lament that he respected her decision to break off their friendship because it was clearly putting their game with their respective partners at stake.

All the while, nether the queen (Blue) nor Soxx was anywhere to be seen and this gave the two more time and space to let out their hearts.

K2 continued to share that he was serious about wanting to kiss her but was now a changed man and focused on his game with Blue.

The two also talked about the kiss Soxx and Blue had on Thursday which seems to have stirred up things a little with K2 now having second thoughts while Tembi seems perturbed by the whole scenario.

It seems clear that K2 and Tembi could hook up after-show as the former's relationship with Blue could only be a showmance and nothing serious, what do you think?

Photo Credit bigbrothermzansi.dstv.com

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